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Top 10 Student News

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Welcome once again to the weekly round-up of all that is student news. Our short end-of-week round-up provides a concise overview of the important student and accommodation stories from around the world this week. As always, we hope you enjoy and feel free to read the full articles by clicking on the titles

1. HK developer markets 'micro flats' to Manchester students

G-Suite, a HK developer, is betting its chips on the fact that students would rather have quality over quantity by marketing luxury shoebox apartments to Chester">ManChester students

2. Opposition from the top to Pisa-style global student tests

Leading institutions have kicked back at attempts by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) to introduce Pisa-style tests for higher education institutions across the globe. But could such tests for higher education prove a major success like PISA has?

3. Brandeaux student fund investors engage legal firm

Investors of Brandeaux's beleaguered student accommodation fund have instructed a firm specialising in the recovery of financial losses to approach the Financial Ombudsman Service

4. The changing face of graduate careers

In a rapidly changing world, where technological advancements are breaking efficiency barriers faster than they ever have before, graduates appear to be displaying less appetite than ever before to find a job for life and stick with it until they retire

5. Jitters appear as Brandeaux pulls £400m Liberty Living IPO

Brandeaux has pulled out of its scheduled £400m Liberty Living IPO in what some in the industry fear is a confirmation of a glut of bed spaces in the student market

6. Most graduates have switched careers by age of 24

19 out of 20 of today's graduates have changed jobs at least once within three years of finishing university, according to a study by New College of the Humanities

7. Nottingham City offices to be converted into 550 student flats

Plans for more than 550 new student flats on three Nottingham city centre sites have been put forward. The proposals could see two offices near Maid Marian Way converted into apartments - including the old E.on headquarters and the previous home to Experian. These plans are the latest in a trend of Nottingham city centre properties being turned into accommodation for students

8. Which university has the highest crime rate?

It might not come as much of a surprise that the universities in the areas with the country's highest crime rates are all in London. In fact, the 20 universities with the most crimes in the surrounding area are all found in the capital. Respected institutions including University College London, London School of Economics and Kings College feature in the top ten list

9. Thousands of graduates stuck in cleaning, shelf-stacking and road sweeping jobs

Figures published by The Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) reveal that eighteen per cent of British university graduates have not found a job after six months. In addition to this, thousands of grads are stuck in menial jobs such cleaning, shelf-stacking and road sweeping according to the shocking new data on graduate employment

10. Ban on fake Wonga-style legal letters to chase student debt

The Student Loans Company suspends the use of a fictional debt collection agency to chase up late graduate repayments after Vince Cable brands the system as "misleading"