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Top 10 Student News

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Welcome once again to the weekly round-up of all that is student news. Our short end-of-week round-up provides a concise overview of the important student and accommodation stories from around the world this week. As always, we hope you enjoy and feel free to read the full articles by clicking on the titles.

1. Education policy based on ideology risks opening Pandora's box

Both the UK and Australia face a similar problem when it comes down to higher education: specifically the government's role in the provision of higher education to its citizens

2. Let's talk about grammar, #innit

According to the experts, it's an exciting time for grammar. For most of us who struggle to get excited by such a topic, we perhaps wouldn't have known last week served host to English Grammar Day, an initiative of the British Library and presented by Oxford University and University College London

3. Gove dropped in government reshuffle

David Cameron has unveiled his most wide-reaching reshuffle of cabinet ministers in what many see as preparation for next year's general election. In moves which have seen big government names ousted from Mr Cameron's cabinet, one that is perhaps drawing the most attention is the demotion of Michael Gove from Education Secretary to Government Chief Whip

4. Why does Airbnb keep coming under attack?

One man's hero is another's villain. This is certainly the case for Airbnb, the global lodging website that launched in 2008 and has since taken the world by storm - an Airbnb guest checks in somewhere in the world every two seconds!

5. The education secretary that no one knows

Following prime minister David Cameron's cabinet reshuffle, that saw Michael Gove switched from Education Secretary to Chief Whip, the media have cast the spotlight on the replacement MP tasked with repairing bridges with teachers and teaching unions in the lead up to the 2015 election

6. Want a job after uni? Join a society, say employers

New research from bosses reveals that they believe the secret to finding enterprising and highly skilled talent lies not in academic success but rather in the world of student societies

7. Students offered chance to 'digitally slim' their graduation photos

Worried you look too bulky in your graduation gown? Or want a better smile? A photography company has been criticised by students after offering the chance to look slimmer and more attractive in graduation photos

8. Low pay or No pay

Sorting dirty underwear for a charity and having to dress up as a prawn are two of the worst student summer jobs revealed by research that paints a grim picture of temporary work in Britain today

9. Bring back the cane in schools, says Australia PM's advisor

Dr Donnelly, who was appointed in January to review the school curriculum, said corporal punishment could be "very effective" and recalled with approval his own Scottish teacher who would beat the boys behind the shed at his school in a working class area of Melbourne

10. Newcastle builds The Core: A Tech hub that will create 400 jobs

The next phase of Newcastle's Science Central project will begin with the opening of The Core, a tech and science hub aiming to bring 400 jobs and £20m to the city's economy