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Top 10 Student News

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It's Saturday! Whilst kicking back with a G&T and your feet up this weekend, why not find out what's going on in the world of students. Debates are raging with tuition fees, student caps, the rising debt burden and much more. Enjoy and as always, feel free to click the links to read the full articles!

1. Australia Go8 set to increase fees and decrease enrollment

Following yesterday's article regarding the UK government's recent decision to uncap student enrollment, recent news exposes that Australia's Group of Eight (Go8) universities are likely to increase tuition fees per student and decrease the number of people they enroll since their deregulation

2. Russell Group opposes uncapped student numbers

The announcement to end the cap on student number controls in the UK has initiated a number of concerns, as political advisers believe the decision was "put together [too] quickly" and the cost will consequently be too high

3. Imperial College reveal planned £3bn research hub in White City

Imperial College London have revealed plans to develop a £3 billion campus extension with the hopes of generating a scientific hub that will initiate collaborations between large, established technology companies, such as IBM and Intel, and small start-ups and scientific researchers

4. Are you a prize catch employee?

Most students spend their lives investing time and effort pouring over books so they can attain the grades required to persuade a company that they are the safest bet when it comes to hiring the next year's fresh faces

5. GCHQ accredits degree courses in cyber security

Criminal activity is increasingly migrating to the digital world as opportunities arise as a result of the proliferation of online payments and increased usage of cloud storage for sensitive information. In the last year alone, the UK has seen a 60 per cent increase in cyber crime, which is costing the UK economy an estimated £81bn

6. Concerns grow over rise in essay-editing firms that 'prey on student insecurities'

Students are paying £150 a time to have their essays and dissertations "edited" to give them a better chance of obtaining a top degree pass

7. A-level reforms based on 'flawed' data will deny university

One in five teenagers could miss out on a place at a top university as a result of ministers relying on "flawed" data for their exam reforms, according to researchers

8. Vita Student sells in Liverpool

A London School of Economics and Political Science report has concluded that ethnic minority students are less likely than their white British peers to receive UK university offers

9. Old Shire Hall in Durham is to set to turn into a mini cinema

Breeze Creatives have been granted access to Old Shire Hall in Durham for a limited time, to host four very special events that aim to showcase some of the best creativity in Durham, Newcastle, Sunderland and the surrounding areas

10. Australian graduates having toughest time in 20 years finding full-time work

University graduates are facing the most challenging time finding a job in two decades. The latest results of an annual graduate survey show that a little more than seven in 10 graduates looking for full-time work in 2013 were successful. That is the smallest proportion of graduates in full-time jobs in two decades