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Top 10 Student News

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Happy weekend and congratulations to everybody who received their exam results yesterday! This week, the news reports record university offers and students using crowd funding to finance their degrees. Enjoy and as always, feel free to click the title links to read the full articles!

1. A-level results day sees record numbers receiving university offers

The thousands of pupils receiving their A-level grades today have been greeted by record numbers of spaces available at universities across the UK - an additional 30,000 versus 2013

2. Students lament poor career advice

Recent online surveys indicate that students feel they are not receiving the right careers advice from their schools or colleges, particularly when it comes to A-level choices. Many feel that they are making uninformed decisions and are consequently restricting their career paths as a result of these choices

3. Student satisfaction at an all time high

Student satisfaction is at an all time high, according to results from the latest annual National Student Survey. The yearly survey, rolled out to all final-year students by the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE), noted that 86% of students expressed satisfaction with their course, an increase from the 85% in 2013

4. Nine things we learnt on Results Day 2014

396,990 students had been accepted by universities at the start of results day, which is up 3 per cent on last year but the overall pass rate fell for the first time in a decades

5. Higher education will leave many students financially crippled

On these glorious August days, anxious 18-year-olds across the country are glued to their computers, obsessively refreshing a website that is about to change their lives forever: the UCAS portal

6. How to live at home and still have a social life at University

We all know university is about more than just getting a degree. With so much emphasis on freshers week and the student party scene, it's easy to see why being able to have a social life is so important

7. Students versus families: who are the better budgeters?

Good news, Save the Student have done their annual student spending survey and discovered that students are getting better at economising. They've toned down their average monthly spend to £735 (from £768 per month last year) - a 4.2% reduction

8. Results day 2014: social media dos and don'ts

No one likes a show-off. Results Day can fill you with a mixture of relief and sheer joy, but resist the temptation to broadcast your grades to the whole world. Some of your friends might not have got what they wanted, and a stream of people telling them how happy they are won't help

9. Apprenticeships 'increasingly attractive to middle-classes'

Rising numbers of middle-class teenagers are considering on-the-job training courses because university is no longer seen as the only way to "get ahead" in life, according to the Skills Minister

10. Meet the students crowdfunding to pay for their degrees

Last week, Oxford graduate Emily-Rose Eastop raised a staggering £26,000 for her master's, despite not working in the four years since she graduated. She came under flak for it but if you can raise that sort of cash to do something you love, why wouldn't you?