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Heriot-Watt Uni professor sides with pro-independence camp

Posted by Tom Walker in

Mike Danson, professor of enterprise policy at Heriot-Watt University, has sided with 'Yes' voters supporting Scottish independence. As an independent Scotland, Danson believes that the nation can continue to, and further develop "our already proud tradition in education and adapt to help create a fairer society." Plans to improve Scottish education include emphasis on vocational routes and encouraging an economy that supports and nurtures enterprise development.

He noted that independence will assist Scotland's desire to continue with a progressive education system: a system that is inclusive and affordable for all members of society, regardless of gender, class, ethnicity or disability. These elements are, according to Danson, fundamental in creating an educational system that is reflective of Scottish values. There is concern amongst the 'Yes' camp that Scotland's control over its education, which has been protected since the Act of Union, is under threat from budget cuts drafted in Westminster. Danson therefore argues that independence is crucial if the current Scottish system is to be fully protected.

Scotland is renowned world wide for its educational system, with the OECD, UN, European Commission and others praising and highlighting the country's achievements in delivering top class education. However, Danson laments that it is only the Scottish education system's failures and flaws that seem to draw attention south of the border.

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons