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Glyndwr University banned from enrolling non-EU students

Posted by Tom Walker in

Glyndwr University has had its license to enrol non-EU students suspended following a recent government investigation into their overseas 'recruitment' activities. It has been revealed that approximately 50,000 UK immigrants have obtained English certificates from the university, despite allegations that they are not capable of speaking the language.

The Home Office discovered 230 foreign students at the university who had unfounded language test results, and a further 120 with unreliable results. Allegations of visa fraud have therefore prompted the current ban on foreign enrolment and the university is still waiting to hear from the Home Office as to when the suspension will been lifted. The initial investigation was prompted following a BBC Panorama inquiry into the issuing of English language certificates; it is these certificates that students depend upon in order to receive a UK visa. In light of this investigation and its results, a further 57 private higher education colleges across the country have had their licenses suspended and are awaiting further confirmation from the government.

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons