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NUS backs student rally in November to fight for education reforms

Posted by Hannah Walker in

A coalition of student groups has organised a demonstration for the 19th November that will take place under the slogan: "Free Education: No fees. No cuts. No debt." Participating student groups include the 'Student Assembly Against Austerity', the 'National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts' and the 'Young Greens'.

The National Union of Students (NUS) has announced that it will support the rally and is in agreement that it should help raise awareness about student debt ahead of the general election. Kirsty Haigh, vice-president of NUS Scotland stated "with a general election in May, we will be putting free education onto the political agenda, not by softening our position but by making our ideas impossible to ignore." The rally strongly disagrees with privatization and attacks on living standards. Furthermore, students are arguing that significant sectors of education are still out of reach to those who cannot afford to pay. Beth Redmond, who is a part of the 'National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts' said that "we are calling this demonstration to take the fight to the government and to demand a public education system that serves society and is free and accessible to everyone."

The demonstration will be the first one that the NUS has supported, although critics of the rally argue that expenditure on the campaign could have been better used on activism at their own universities. Others also show concern for an eruption of violence and repeated scenes of 2010 when students clashed with the police. Arguments have been made that violence like this could destroy student campaigns.

Image Courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons