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Weeklong student protests begin today: "free education"

Posted by Hannah Walker in

As of today students begin their weeklong protest on university campuses across the country. Campuses are expected to see "lots of stalls, banner drops and public meetings," says Fiona Edwards, who is one of the organisers of this weeks protests and a member of the Student Assembly Against Austerity. This week serves as part of the continued demonstrations that the country are expected to see over the next couple of months, particularly the national rally that is to take place in central London on the 19th November. With up to 10,0000 students expected to participate, it has the potential to be one of the largest demonstrations the country has seen in four years. The demonstrations will be challenging privatisation by demanding free education, with the aim of putting significant pressure on politicians ahead of the general election in May. When talking to the Guardian, Edwards stated: "We are seeing an increase in student activism on campus [and] young people are prepared to fight the government and there's a lot to fight for."

This week, which has been organised through the Student Assembly Against Austerity and the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts, will see a number of students engaging in political activism, demanding that their voice be taken seriously. London Metropolitan University, Durham and Goldsmiths University are just a few of the campuses expected to be involved.

Image courtesy to Flickr, Creative Commons