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Are the UK's young generation prepared for the digital world?

Posted by Hannah Walker in

With the digital realm expanding at rapid pace many are beginning to question whether the current education system is sufficient enough to prepare the future generation for the real world. With the economy shifting, the workforce needs to adapt and the question being begged is: are children being prepared for this? Have they enough knowledge to function in the digital world? O2 commissioned research last year revealing that there needs to be 750,000 digital workers by 2017, a figure that seems unreachable under the current structures. According to reports, the UK currently stands with a skills gap that would cost the country 2bn a year to remedy if things don't change. There are numerous debates as to which system would best prepare young people for a demanding, yet shifting, economy. It is important that traditional subjects and teaching methods are not sidelined but are in fact rethought and taught in new innovative ways that will not isolate the country's young generation from the world of work and employability. Benjamin Southworth, co-founder of 3beards which is London's leading tech community, spoke to the Guardian stating: "In essence it comes down to the core idea that the world is becoming more digital and I believe that we need to teach our children to understand the world in a meaningful way." He believes that preparing young people about online safety and teaching them the skills needed for basic digital knowledge is absolutely fundamental.

Image courtesy to Flickr, Creative Commons