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Plymouth University causes controversy over recent investments

Posted by Hannah Walker in

Plymouth University has been criticised lately over recent investments and projects that have not proved financially worthwhile. The University and College Union (UCU) expressed that the university's latest development is "shocking" in terms of the project's overall value. Plymouth has approximately spent £300,000 on an oversized video screen, 30 foot by 15 foot, that is designed to "promote events, activities and achievements", a spokesman from the university said. The project was accepted by planners two years ago on the basis that it only displayed still images as it will be placed in sight of two main roads and thus poses a threat to distract drivers. Philippa Davey, who is UCU's regional official, has voiced her outrage and said: "We are shocked that you would spend that amount of money for something that's just going to be showing still images."

A university spokesman said: "The university was fully aware of the planning terms from the outset, indeed planning permissions were granted and understood well before the project was finally approved and the screen ordered." The university has therefore been subject to serious criticism and condemnation due to its recent financial decisions. It emerged that in September the university spent approximately £100,000 on seven graduation chairs and a further £15,000 on first class rail fares over the past three years.

Image courtesy to Flickr, Creative Commons