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Eradication of post-study work visa piles on the pressure for foreign students

Posted by Hannah Walker in

Recent reports have revealed that due to the removal of the post-study work visa in this country, foreign students have found themselves being put under extra pressure to try and secure a job or some form of work experience during their time at university. The London School of Economics, a school with 51% of its student body being a non-EU citizen, carried out a survey on 1,336 students questioning them on a number of immigration matters. One student explained that they were "pushing [themself] past [their] limit" in order to secure a job within four months of graduating, which the new reforms now demand. 77% of students answered that the new policy would consequently attract a lot less foreign students to the UK to study. Interestingly, as much as 49% stated that they had hoped to work in the UK after graduating, and a further 86% said that if the new policy changed and the government reintroduced the post-study work visa then they would remain in the country to work.

LSE expressed its belief that if the government will not revert the new policy and reintroduce the post-study work visa, foreign students should at least be entitled to a one-year work visa. Students revealed that those undergraduates that had received job offers had then had them withdrawn after the employer realised their immigration status. Academic registrar and director of academic services at LSE, Simeon Underwood told Times Higher Education that visa restrictions were "tantamount to closing off opportunities for post-study work altogether" for several graduates. He went on to say that: "That hasn't stopped them from looking for it, and some of them are having a horrible time as a result."

Image courtesy to Flickr, Creative Commons