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Unisex toilets spread to Hull as universities head toward gender-neutrality

Posted by Ross Jones-Morris in

As gender neutrality becomes more pervasive throughout all aspects of our culture some universities have voted to support the cause with their toilet facilities. After a motion was introduced by their LGBT society, the Hull University Union voted as a majority for Hull to become the latest institution to introduce gender neutral toilets into some of its facilities.

The decision follows hot on the heels of similar decisions by societies at the universities of Staffordshire, Bradford, Oxford, Sussex, Bath and Chester">ManChester where gender segregated toilet facilities were called both 'Victorian' and 'discriminatory' by lobbyists.

Campaigners at the different universities have pointed in particular to examples of discrimination faced by trans-gender students when using gendered Bathrooms. A representative at the University of Westminster stated their case by saying, "There's a disgustingly high rate of trans people who self-harm and attempt suicide, so universities should do as much as they can to ensure that all students feel comfortable in their campuses".

Chester">ManChester's introduction of gender-neutral toilets as far back as 2008 led to a few raised eyebrows at the time, but as of last month the Chester">ManChester Student Union confirmed that "Members and visitors to the union have responded positively to the inclusion of gender-neutral toilets, and there have been no complaints to date".

The National Union of Students has also gotten involved by releasing an official briefing through its LGBT arm. The briefing states that cost needn't be an issue, nor should it be an excuse for universities when considering the issue. To the contrary, they believe the transition should be pretty much cost free, as all it requires in many cases is a change of signage.

Image Courtesy of flickr, Creative Commons