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The Extreme Expense of Exeter's New Student Accommodation

Posted by Kristina Murkett in

Exeter University is the latest to join on the luxury student accommodation bandwagon, as Burrington Estates are planning to develop 44 premium flats in the city's old library and records office.

The apartments will include a flat-screen smart TV, 100MB broadband, a 24 hour help-desk service, a mezzanine-style bedroom, open plan living spaces and a student loft with views all over the city - hardly your traditional scene of student squalor.

Yet the development could feasibly bring the full cost of university for these lucky Exeter students up to £100,000. £11,200 a year rent will be charged on top of £9,000 a year course fees for UK students (£17,500 a year for international students) - totalling £61,000 for a 3 year course for the former and £85,000 for the latter - before you factor in living costs.

According to the university website, term-time living costs, excluding accommodation, are £3,740, or £33,660 over three years. This would bring the total cost of a degree to £94,660 for UK students, or a humungous £118,660 for international ones.

Yet despite these figures, co-founder Mark Edworthy said: 'Following the huge popularity of Dean Clarke Lofts, we expect a high level of interest in these unique apartments. We are excited to be bringing a fresh new vibe to this historic building.'