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No More HMOs for Norwich?

Posted by Kristina Murkett

A report given to Norwich council's sustainable development panel revealed that the city, like many others with a large student population, has a growing number of Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs).

The lack of affordable housing in the area means that many more adults, not only students, are living in shared accommodation, and that without HMOs, many people would simply not be able to afford to live in Norwich.

Nelson ward, in the Golden Triangle, has the highest concentration of both student and non-student HMOs, with 16.2% of houses in the area in shared use.

However, many are worried about issues relating to unbalanced communities, the appearance of properties and anti-social behaviour - particularly from students. Mr Jones, a tutor at UEA, said that 'problems emerge when students suddenly find themselves taking sole responsibility for managing a house without any experience of how to do so in a way that's conscientious to neighbours.'

The panel has since agreed to look at ways of slowing the increase of the dwellings, by encouraging the building of more purpose-built flats, bedsits and student accommodation, as well a assessing an option of voluntary licensing agreements.

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons.