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Bath University is Named 'Best in UK' for Student Experience

Posted by Kristina Murkett in

The Times Higher Education Student Experience Survey 2015 has named Bath University Britain's best in terms of student experience. In stark contrast last years winner Durham fell out of the top 10 entirely, possibly as a result of the growing unrest amongst the student body about accommodation - both private and institutional.

The annual survey run by The Times newspaper polls students from 111 universities across the UK and takes into account the 21 facets of university life that (according to The Times) students have said 'matter to them most'.

Up there on the academic side of things Oxford and Cambridge predictably came top for the quality of their staff and lectures, as did Newcastle that despite coming in at 10 in the survey has fallen 8 places in just a year.

The full Top 10 went as follows:

1. University of Bath
2. Loughborough University
3. University of Sheffield
4. University of Cambridge
5. University of Oxford
6. University of Surrey
7. University of East Anglia
8. University of Exeter
9. University of Leeds
10. Newcastle University

More generally top honours seem to go in most cases to campus based univerisities which take up 11 of the top 20 spots.

That said over the last 2 years satisfaction scores as a whole are down. The survey doesn't shed light on any causal link for this but it would be interesting to see if the lower satisfaction figures are as a result of higher tuition fees. If you asked almost any student on the street, we'rer guessing they're likely to say yes.

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons.