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Unite Goes Above and Beyond in Glasgow for their Students

Posted by Kristina Murkett

Unite Students, a UK-wide student accommodation provider, has launched Nightline - a confidential listening service, giving critical emotional support to students in Glasgow.

The National Union of Students revealed last year than one in five students experience mental health issues while at university. Jenny Shaw, head of Unite Students' student services, said: 'I believe students in 2015 are under more pressure than any generation which has gone before them.'

'Teams in the 25 cities where our properties are situated are often called on to support students who are clearly struggling. In rare cases students can present some quite extreme symptoms.'

Shaw also added that Nightline will be working in 'close partnership with other specialist services' to 'put students who need to hear a friendly voice in touch with someone from their own world.' Unite staff have also been given special training in order to be able to identify the warning signs associated with high stress and mental health issues.

Unite is currently the UK's largest provider of student accommodation, aiming to provide a 'Home For Success' to its more than 43,000 students.

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons.