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Cambridge Council in Line for a 'windfall' If Development Plans Go Ahead

Posted by Ross Jones-Morris in

Recently residents in Cambridge protested against a planned 321-bed student development opposite Cambridge Retail Park, and yesterday it emerged that they may have more of a case than first thought.

That's because it has emerged that Cambridge Council (who recently gave the project the green-light) could be in for a financial boost, should the project actually go through. This is because the council own the majority of the land, and the development would lead to rental income that is significantly higher than the income they receive with the current usage. When asked how large this increase coudl be Head of Property Services Dave Prinsep admitted that it would increase the council's rent 'significantly'.

With local councillors already siding with residents against the plans, yesterday's will do nothing to bolster the developers (nor the council's) case. As resident Lynette Gilbert told the Cambridge News, "Residents cannot understand why no affordable housing or continued employment opportunities have been incorporated into these plans, especially given that the city council is such a major landowner."

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons.