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Developers and Residents Banging Heads in Bangor

Posted by Kristina Murkett

Serious safety concerns have been raised about construction workers building a student accommodation block in Bangor, Wales.

Residents living close to the St Mary's site at Lon Pobty are complaining that the road has been badly damaged by the heavy vehicles using it, and that the road is blocked off regularly by fork life trucks transporting building materials onto the site.

One resident criticized the failure to organize a proper traffic system within the site, saying that the work has caused a "huge amount of noise, disruptions, and risk to members of the public," and created a "very unpleasant and sometimes hostile environment."

Dom Kilgannon, contracts manager at VINCI Construction, said that "we will continue to manage the site logistics and traffic management plan in accordance with the agreed site plans and are in dialogue with the local residents to try and address specific concerns."

However, residents may have to wait a little longer, as the accommodation block isn't expected to be ready until after summer. The £30m development will offer 600 rooms for Bangor students, and allow the university to close 200 rooms built back in the 1960s on the normal site.

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons.