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Flats and a Football Stadium - Yelverton Properties Say It's a Great Deal

Posted by Ross Jones-Morris in

Developer Yelverton Properties have defended their plans to build a 320-bed block alongside Exeter City's St james' Park, calling the scheme "part of the solution of the city's housing problems".

In order to finance the scheme, they've teamed up with Exeter City, who would also see part of their stadium redeveloped as part of the project. The project will also lead to other part sof the ground being redeveloped as well.

The 320 bedspaces would be built on land behind one of the stands and also on two adjoining pieces of land. The development would also include a new convenience store.

The director of Yelverton Properties attempted to allay the fears of Exeter residents who didn't want more student accommodation in the city centre. He said "My view is that people who are opposed to student accommodation are actually often opposed to houses in multiple occupation and it's those HMOs that seem to cause most of the issues with refuse, poorly maintained properties, noise and disturbance.

What we are hoping to do by building 320 or so new beds here is actually part of the solution to getting the students out of those HMOs, freeing up those houses for families and other people to live in, and actually helping to address the housing crisis in the city. So I would say we are part of the solution, not part of the problem."

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons.