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Oxford University Accused of Falsely Advertising Student Accommodation

Posted by Hannah Walker in

Oxford University has been accused of producing an incorrect and misleading "sample" photo of student accommodation. The photo is in fact a guest room in Magdalen College and was just one of several posted photos that claim to be representative of student accommodation available across campus. Hence, students have complained arguing that the photos do not expose the differences in accommodation at the university.

Students have described the photo as giving an impression of "Downton abbey" or a "Victorian boudoir" with its antique furnishings and spacious size. Cherwell, Oxford's Independent newspaper, contacted the Magdalen Home Bursar, Mark Blandford-Baker, who stated to the paper that he "agreed with the students' points of view concerning perceptions as well as simple factual accuracy. The room is part of a guest study set."

Emma Winder, a third year undergraduate at Magdalen and secretary of the JCR, stated: "I can understand that the photograph could be misleading, and several other people who commented on the photograph on Facebook said how beautiful it was and seemingly accepted that it was student accommodation as the post seemed to suggest. Nonetheless, it is a shame that the University didn't use a different photograph of Magdalen student accommodation, as it is one of the few colleges to offer undergraduates college accommodation for the entire duration of their degree, and many of the student rooms in college are very beautiful."

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons.