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Has Newcastle's Student Accommodation Market Grown Too Big, Too Fast?

Posted by Hannah Walker in

The question of whether certain cities have reacted to a lack of student accommodation by building too much of it has peaked this year, as investment in the sector has risen into the billions of pounds.

The latest city under the microscope is Newcastle, which has seen 11,000 new beds created since 2008, in a bid to house it's ever-expanding student population. Whether the developers involved have over-stretched the market remains to be seen, however they argue that tightening regulations on HMO's means that the type of accommodation they are providing is more needed than ever.

And what prompted all of this? Both universities in the city have seen massive growth in student numbers since the year 2000. Take Newcastle University for example, in 2000 it had 12,302 students on it's books, compared to 21,000 full-time now - an increase of 70%. The nearby Northumbria University on the other hand has more than doubled it's student numbers, with a 114% increase in 15 years.

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons.