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Belfast Looking to Develop New guidelines for Student Accommodation

Posted by Ross Jones-Morris in

In response to an increase in student accommodation developments in the city, Belfast City Council is proposing new planning guidelines to keep things in check.

Spurred on by Ulster University's new Belfast campus, there are over a dozen planning applications currently in progress in the city - constituting over 6,000 new student beds. The aim of the guidelines is to ensure 'consistency' across developments and also to "provide reassurance to communities that existing residential amenity will be protected."

The guidelines will not have a 'determining weight' in decisions however, and the council insisted that any 'policy deficiencies' can be addressed in a new 'Local Development Plan'.

So at this point, it's all a bit vague, but with planning applications for student accommodation blocks skyrocketing across the country, it's probably the perfect for some cities to start thinking about the long term implications of their planning actions.

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons.