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Bangor Council Turn Down 'Excessive' Student Accommodation Plans

Posted by Ross Jones-Morris in

Bangor council have turned down plans for a new 180 bed student accommodation block, calling the plans 'excessive'.

The block would have part-occupied the Old Post Office building in the city, with 29 flats, a cafe and a restaurant. The existing back building would then have been knocked down and replaced with the remaining 151 flats. But councillors judged the plans excessive, stating that it would lead to an 'overdevelopment' of the area.

According to council clerk Ian Jones, "The councillors felt it would be an overdevelopment and that there already is adequate student accommodation."

After closing in 2008 the Post Office building then reopened housing a nightclub in 2011, but it closed down last year. Part of the opposition to the development clearly stems from a desire to use the area differently with deputy mayor Dewi Williams stating, "We're trying our best to turn it back into a retail area and this won't help at all. The university has just opened 600 flats in the St Mary's Campus, and if they need any more they should be built on campus."

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons.