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Cardiff's City Centre Overhaul Continues

Posted by Ross Jones-Morris in

A proposal has been submitted to Cardiff council to convert four city centre office blocks into student accommodation. The conversion would use the blocks just off Newport Road, and would require the council to allow the a 'change of use' for the buildings. If the plans go ahead they would end up housing around 250 students.

Over and above the bedrooms, the development would also comprise of a cinema, music rooms, a launderette and a gym.

The proposal comes hot on the heels of other student accommodation announcements in the area, with plans recently submitted to convert a city centre hotel into 170 student rooms. This itself came relatively soon after a 35 storey development was given the go-ahead in June.

These pale in compariosn however to the Howard Gardens development which will house 671 students. But this, as with all the recent developments in Cardiff, has been criticised for a lack of parking options. Councillor Nigel Howells said that, "nearby streets with residential properties are either covered by resident only bays or by parking meters." He also said that "there is nowhere nearby where these students could park for free if they owned a car."

Student accommodation plans have also been criticised for driving businesses out of the city centre.

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons.