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Queen's University Belfast Set Their Sights Overseas

Posted by Ross Jones-Morris in

Whilst many of the UK's universities are increasing their domestic student numbers in light of number caps being lifted by the Conservatives, Queen's University Belfast are setting their sights on international students.

According to an internal presentation seen by the BBC, QUB is looking to boost their international student numbers from the 1,500 they have now, to around 4,200 by 2020. The intake however will not affect the number of domestic students at the institution.

International students of course pay higher fees than British ones, so focusing on them obviously has its advantages. The move does seem to be part of a concerted push by the institution to generate more money. Research staff, for example, have recently been set targets for the funding they generate. And some departments have been tasked with doubling income from their research, with some staff set individual targets for their output.

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons.