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Developers in Treforest Want to Demolish a Bungalow to Build a Block

Posted by Ross Jones-Morris in

Surprising new student accommodation plans in Treforest show that the redevelopment of relatively small tracts of land can yield big results.

New plans for 'Park Pride' in the town would see just one bungalow make way for 51 student bedrooms, should T.L. Developments get the go-ahead from the council.

The building itself would be split across three sections, with 17 en-suite bedrooms in each, with communal kitchen and dining rooms for each floor. There would also be parking (off-street) for six cars as well as bicycle storage.

Whilst the ingenious use of a previously 'under-used' space might be impressive, it has not been without objections. The local council has received a petition containing 144 signatures from local residents who have raised concerns over parking issues and overall safety. They have termed it quite succinctly as an unsympathetic 'city development' within the village.

Nevertheless, the development has been recommended for approval by the council's director for planning, so it looks like the student population in the area might soon be getting a boost.

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons.