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Dublin Council Demand Redesign of Much Needed 1,000-Bed Development

Posted by Ross Jones-Morris in

Proposals for a much needed 970 bedroom student block in Dublin have hit a few roadblocks with Dublin City Council ordering a six-month redesign before the plans will be considered.

In light of the initial submission, the council questioned the quality of the development's facades, as well as the open-spaces provided. They also identified issues with the internal design of the accommodation, not least the proposed studios that would be housed within the Docklands development. Due to the Dublin's current City Development Plan, studios are currently not allowed in off-campus accommodation schemes.

A recent Higher Education report has painted a pretty dire picture of the student accommodation market in the city. Of the 79,000 students studying at univerisities in Dublin, only 6,000 can be housed in on-campus accommodation. Overall, once off-campus accommodation is taken into account, the current housing shortfall stands at around 17,000 beds.

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons.