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7,000 New Student Rooms Set for Booming Belfast

Posted by Ross Jones-Morris in

Students in Belfast have traditionally lived in shared student houses, as the city in recent years has lagged behind when it comes to building the huge student accommodation blocks that are increasingly prevalent in our student cities.

But that's all about to change as Ulster University looks to expand it's North Belfast campus and private developers look to cash in.

There are currently 13 pending applications in the city's planning offices, totalling around 7,000 bed spaces. Three other schemes have also been approved, and one have them has just opened to students.

Mark Royal House is fully booked for the 2015/16 academic year, with all 45 of its rooms filled. The prices are of course a little higher than in shared house-style accommodation, but if the volume of planning applications is to be believed demand for premium accommodation in the city is huge.

Over the next few years we'll see if they're right.

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons.