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Do Universities Need to Take Responsibility for Housing Their Students?

Posted by Ross Jones-Morris in ,

Whilst it's par for the course these days that residents react badly when students move into their area, Bath MP Ben Howlett has today spoken of the 'responsibility' of the two universities in his city to house their students.

In an interview with BBC Radio Bristol the Conservative Politician spoke of his concern about the impact students are having on the residential housing supply. He identified the 'community relations' issues that arise between the universities and the public as something that needs to be addressed.

"[Both of] the universities do have a responsibility to house the students who want to go [to them]. They're looking for a change in their strategies which is something we are trying to work on. I do welcome the round table discussion in the New Year."

However, in response the vice-chancellor of Bath Spa University, Christina Slade, said that the university has invested heavily in stduent accommodation over the last year, whilst also stressing that additional housing stock is most definitely needed.

She also stressed the importance of students to the city's economy though, citing "a recently released report, commissioned by Oxford Economics", that "shows that the University generated a value-added contribution of £93.9 million to the Bath and North East Somerset economy throughout 2014/15 - equivalent to two per cent of the district's economic output."

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons.