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Judge's Ruling on Liverpool Lime Street Development to be Delivered This Week

Posted by Ross Jones-Morris in

A fate of a new multi-million development in Liverpool will be decided upon this week, in court.

Despite being given the green light by city planning-chiefs back in June, campaigners have pushed the final decision into the hands of a judge, due to concerns about whether the development (on Liverpool's historic Lime Street) would threaten Liverpool's UNESCO World Heritage status.

Before Christmas both the developer, Neptune, and the campaign group SAVE Britain's Heritage put forward their cases to the High Court in Chester">ManChester. His report based on the hearing is due to be published this week.

If the judge rules in favour of the developer the street would soon be home to a new student accommodation block, a new hotel and new shops. Much of the controversy surrounds the historic buildings that would be demolished to make way for these structures.

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons