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The UK is Still Ranking Well Internationally, For Now

Posted by Ross Jones-Morris in

In rankings published yesterday by The Times Higher Education, UK universities account for 39 of the world's 100 most 'international universities' in the world. The research took into account the numbers of foreign staff and students at the institutions involved.

The editor of the rankings Phil Baty said that the UK has "fantastic assets" and is "one of the world's most attractive destinations for international students". He did however warn of increasing competition, not helped by Britain's political climate, "there is a clearly a concern around immigration policies as to whether or not we truly welcome international students." He raised concerns about certain UK immigration policies which he identifies as leading to a decline in Indian students to the UK - a group which traditionally made up a large proportion of Britain's international student population.

He went on to say that "There are also serious concerns that our competitors are getting much better at attracting these students. Countries are offering more courses in English and are actively recruiting the same students that would have come to the UK or the US in the past."

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons