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The Number of Student Properties in Coventry Rises by a 25% in 2015

Posted by Ross Jones-Morris in

As investment in the student accommodation sector boomed in 2015, so did student numbers, but not all of them were absorbed by new developments. In Coventry for example, whilst a number of huge proposals prepare to build, the number of student properties reportedly grew by a whole 25% anyway.

Recently released figures from the Department for Communities and Local Government show that in 2015, the number of student properties in the city jumped from 3,017 to 3,780.

The council has also recently given the go-ahead to two huge new developments which look set to house 1,400 students on sites at London Road and Lower Ford Street. These may also been joined by 1,200 beds on Bishop Street and a 20-storey block in Belgrade Plaza.

However the rise of a quarter may not be as large as it seems. The measurement in the report was made by looking at the number of properties in the city exempt from council tax due to the tenants' student status. The size of this increase could therefore be down to two things. Firstly (and obviously) part of the increase will be due to increased student numbers living in the city. Secondly however, the measured increase could also (in part) be due to a campaign by the local council to get more students to claim their exemption.

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons