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New Report from the OECD Claims Many British Graduates Lack 'Basic Skills'

Posted by Ross Jones-Morris in

A new report commissioned by the Department for Business Innovation and Skills has said that British universities are failing to develop 'quite basic' skills amongst their students. The report then goes on to reocommend that many fo the affected students should be channelled into 'further education' courses, instead of being encouraged to specialise to early at university.

Carried out by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, the report has identified low levels of maths or literacy in as many as 1 in 10 university graduates. It argues that government money would be better spent putting students like these through further education courses, rather than putting them into more costly university education in the first place.

The report also recommends making it harder for students with poor GCSEs in core subjects to attend university, along with imposing restrictions on graduating until basic skills are demonstrated.

Pam Tatlow at university thinktank Million+ has responded however by saying, "The OECD has taken a partial view of the university landscape, failing to understand the myriad ways universities support students in their degree courses regardless of their individual prior attainment.

"It remains the case that studying at university, including for a degree apprenticeship, remains the best choice an individual can make to be successful in the workplace."

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