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The Man Behind a Beleaguered Liverpool Development Fights Back

Posted by Ross Jones-Morris in

In the last few months Liverpool and many of Liverpool's larger student accommodation developments have faced criticism for the sheer volume of new proposals being accepted in the city. One such plan, presented by developer Neptune, is a £35 million regeneration of Lime Street, which thus far has survived two major appeals to both the government and High Court.

With an appeal by SAVE Britain's Heritage waiting in the wings and due to be delivered later this week, the managing director of Neptune has spoken out against critics. SAVE's argument hinges on the opinion that the development would put Liverpool's UNESCO World Heritage Site status at further risk.

Neptune's MD, Steve Parry however has said the design of the project has taken "the sensitivity and importance" of the area into account, and disputes that it will even be visible from the nearby World Heritage Site.

He went on to say "From a conservation perspective the three key listed buildings on Lime Street - The Vines and Crown public houses and the ABC Cinema - are being retained and restored. Around 40% of the original Lime Street frontage will be retained."

"Historic England is satisfied that the scheme will have no harmful impact on these important listed buildings. This scheme has been driven by conservation objectives and our desire to save what we can and radically improve a shockingly dilapidated and derelict street."

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons