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Derby Council is Advised to Turn Down a Nine-Storey Block in Friar's Gate

Posted by Ross Jones-Morris in

It's common for student accommodation developments to be met with hostility, especially off-campus high-rises. Plans are often met by great residential opposition, yet many of these plans go on to be approved anyway. But when local pressure groups enter the fray - especially ones that advise the council on planning matters - a developer can soon see their costly proposals fall by the wayside.

Nottingham-based Trent Pads have submitted plans for a nine-storey block in the historic Friar Gate area of Derby, which crucially sits next to a site where developer Jensco has been given permission for a block. Yet Trent Pads will be feeling pretty hard done by now that the city council's Conservation Area Advisory Group have advised the council that the block not be allowed to go ahead. The group cites concerns about the block's effect on Pickford's House Museum, which also backs onto the site.

The group officially said, "The committee emphatically recommends refusal on the grounds it will cause irreparable harm to the conservation area and directly affect the setting of Pickford's House Museum, a listed Grade-I building, the function of which depends heavily on the authenticity of its environment."

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons