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Keele University Expands Its Accommodation Along With Its Intake

Posted by Ross Jones-Morris in ,

In the wake of the Conservatives lifting the cap on domestic student numbers, Keele University has become the latest university to plan a dramatic expansion of its student accommodation facilities.

The extra 1,400 rooms on campus will go some way to housing the university's growing student body, and the plans come just weeks after Keele was named one of the fastest growing universities in the UK.

Since the government lifted the number cap, the Keele has already taken on 400 more undergrads, but by 2020 it is looking to take on 3,000 extra students overall.

Of the 10,000 students currently studying, just under 3,000 are currently housed in student halls so as the university looks to expand, the local housing market will feel at least some of the strain.

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons