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Bath Looks to Control its Growing Student Accommodation Market

Posted by Ross Jones-Morris in ,

As Bath looks to increase its student accommodation to match a huge forecasted increase in demand by 2020, the council have agreed to look at ways of controlling new developments in the city. In particular they are looking to spread new accommodation developments out, so that no one area feels the full force of of the new student wave.

Not only are they looking to spread new blocks out, but they are also looking into whether they can extend current HMO controls (only active some parts of the city) to the city as a whole. They are also looking into what a suitable proportion of HMOs in any given area looks like.

Councillor Bob Goodman acknowledged the need for more student accommodation in the city while also stressing the effect it can have on residents. "The proliferation of new student accommodation in Bath has become an increasingly important issue for residents of the city, so it's right that the council should look at what can be done to better manage the growth and concentration of student accommodation and HMOs in Bath. "Our universities contribute a huge amount to the city, and it's important we support them in continuing to be successful. However, we must also ensure that we maintain balanced communities, with the right mix of student accommodation, HMOs and family homes."

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons