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The Green Party Call for More Student Accommodation Oversight in Exeter

Posted by Ross Jones-Morris in

After a slew of new submissions to Exeter City Council the Green Party in the city have called for a halt to the continued growth of luxury student accommodation.

Their main complaints about the explosion in luxury sites are that they risk the current diversify found in the city centre and also do nothing to alleviate problems with affordable housing in the city. They also claim the developments are detrimental to student mental health.

The city centre is admittedly a hub of student accommodation activity currently with 2,640 beds now complete, under construction or in the planning stages. The Greens are calling on Exeter council to set up a formal planning strategy to keep checks on the growth of luxury blocks.

The lead Green Party candidate in the Exeter St David's ward, Diana Moore has said on their intervention, "We value the presence of the University in Exeter and its staff and students. But we recognise that in Exeter – as in other university towns – there can be tensions between the university and long-term residents.

"Managing this requires give and take on both sides and a sensible and balanced planning strategy; something totally absent at present.

"The University's reliance on new developer-funded blocks of bedsits in the city centre to accommodate its student growth is upsetting community balance."

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons