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Councillors Approver New Development in Ormskirk

Posted by Ross Jones-Morris in

Councillors have unanimously voted to approve plans for a new two-storey student accommodation block in Ormskirk. The decision means that developer Mike McComb now has the go-ahead to build the 29 bed block in the town centre.

The development is slated to be built just behind the Elms, and the plan stipulates that the new block will be affixed to the existed Grade-II listed doctors surgery on the plot adjoining the site.

The bedrooms in the block will all be en-suite with communal areas taking up much of the rest of the building. The plans also leave little room for parking spaces, so alongside the one space provided for possibly disabled residents there will be a set of bike racks for up to 20 bikes.

Despite sailing through the council approval process the development has not been without its detractors. The Ormskirk Residents Group have raised objections to the plans before claiming they don't fit with the Local Plan of the area.

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons