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Students in Lancaster are Protesting Against Student Accommodation

Posted by Ross Jones-Morris in

It's usually non-student residents that kick up a fuss when a new student development is announced, but this week students at Lancaster University have been protesting against a new development on North Road in the city.

Ironically, the students are objecting to the amount of noise prospective residents will face in the development as Lancaster University Students' Union's Sugarhouse Nightclub will be right next to the building.

Cityblock, the developer behind the project, have defended their plans saying that they have taken measures to reduce the noise students would face, but the Students' Union is not convinced.

As president Tom Stapleton has said, “We believe that putting student flats in this area of town will result in unacceptable noise levels for student tenants. It's unrealistic to think that there are any measures that could be taken to make sound levels acceptable, and we've heard of venues up and down the country being forced to close after housing was built nearby. We also believe that locating flats here will lead to restrictions being placed on the Sugarhouse that could impact its viability and damage the wider economy of Lancaster."

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons