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Newcastle Council Has Another Accommodation Proposal on Its Hands

Posted by Ross Jones-Morris in

Newcastle City Council have received plans for a 223-bed, seven to eight storey student accommodation complex from architects working on behalf of Now City Road Student Halls Co.

The development, if built, will share the former Tyne Tees TV site with an existing block - a U-Student building which opened in 2014. Permission was previously given to develop a 139-bed hotel on the site, but this approval expired after three years of inaction.

The new student development will contain studios and cluster flats as well as a gymnasium, meeting rooms and a cinema. It will also be managed around the clock.

KDP Architects, who have submitted the project, have said that the scheme “provides a strong presence along City Road, a major road within the city, with good views across the city and also into the two private garden areas. The plan of the building is a ‘T' shape and will provide for two distinct outdoor spaces; one being quiet and tranquil, with the area beneath the access bridge being more active.” In pre-emptive defence of the scheme they have also said “it is the applicant's view that the proposal complies fully with the council's policies and other regeneration projects and would not prejudice the creation of a balanced community but rather would be seen to complement developments across the city."

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons