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Angry Residents to Protest Against Raising Student Numbers at the Penryn Campus

Posted by Richard Ward in

The group is asking the universities to maintain their 5,000 student cap until they can provide adequate housing and transport, and until a Falmouth Neighbourhood Plan and Article 4 directive is in place.

Members of the protest group Save Our Falmouth will be taking to the Moor in Falmouth at the weekend to vent their anger at plans to raise student numbers at the Penryn Campus.

Its argued that there is already a housing shortage, which has been bought on by the university failing to build enough accommodation for increasing numbers of students.

Estimates suggest that the university has only built enough accommodation for about a third of students, with the remaining having to find accommodation in the local market.

The protest group will hold what it is calling a Stand in Solidarity demonstration from 1pm on Saturday and have invited students, university staff and locals to attend.

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons