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Leicester University to Sacrifice Parking for a Tree-lined Square.

Posted by Richard Ward in

Leicester University is planning to turn a campus car park into a tree-lined square despite objections of nearby residents.

Those living in and around the campus have been complaining for a while that the area already has insufficient parking for students, which will be further exacerbated by the loss of 61 more spaces due to the development.

It's also argued that the nearby public car park at Victoria Park is already overused by university traffic, whilst it's also expected that residential streets will be impacted.

Despite the concerns a council spokesman said that they “do not consider that the loss of parking spaces will be so severe as to warrant a refusal.”

In addition, the university pointed out that it has already held a six-month trial closure of the car park, which it argued had very little impact on staff and visitor parking.

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons