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University College London Expresses Concerns over Brexit

Posted by Richard Ward in

University College London have warned that a vote to leave the European Union could lead to a loss in fees for universities in the tens of millions of pounds.

It's feared that, much like many other universities, they could lose a significant proportion of EU undergraduates if Britain decides to leave Europe.

It's argued that many EU students would not have come to the UK if they were unable to gain access to the favourable terms that membership to the EU provides. Fee's for students coming from outside the EU to study in the UK can be significantly higher than the current £9,000 EU students are charged.

UCL has around 4,500 students from the EU and represents 12% of its student body. As a result, the university receives around £14m each year in fees from EU undergraduates.

Although a Brexit vote is not likely to lead to the loss of all EU undergraduates there are additional concerns that there will be a cultural and academic loss from the diverse body of EU students. This in turn may deter students from other countries coming to study in the UK.

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons