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Nottingham Students Offer Helping Hand Through Night Owl Scheme

Posted by Richard Ward in

Students in Nottingham have started their own volunteer group that aims to protect their peers from potential dangers on nights out.

Its current members come from all different backgrounds and courses and the scheme asks for a commitment of just one night per month. It's understood to be the first of its kind in the country and already has 132 volunteers signed up to the programme to help make sure student nights out go smoothly.

The scheme, aptly named Night Owls, will look to expand to seven additional universities in the next academic year. Currently the scheme involves clubs and bars that are popular with students being given Night Owls' mobile numbers who are called if there are fears for someone's safety of if they have been asked to leave.

So far the team have provided assistance in 437 cases. One the biggest issues was reportedly people getting into taxis that do not use a meter or aren't properly registered.

Nottinghamshire Police have already backed the project and it will become an official Nottingham University association next year.

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons