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Belvoir Franchise Owner Acquires Newstead Lettings Ltd.

Posted by Richard Ward in

A Belvoir franchise owner has decided to kick start his business with a substantial acquisition.

Luke Marchbanks, 25, was one of Belvoir's youngest franchise owners and had planned to cold start a Belvoir lettings franchise in Bournemouth. However, he has now decided to acquire Newstead Lettings Limited, which will subsequently be rebranded to Belvoir Bournemouth.

According to Belvoir's managing director Dorian Gonsalves, “it's a bold and unusual move for a relatively new franchise owner to launch their business with an acquisition”.

News of the acquisition comes as Belvoir Lettings was acquiring Northwood, which represents the largest remaining independent UK lettings franchise, which operates 86 outlets nationwide.

The latest acquisition from Belvoir will ensure it becomes the largest property franchise group in the UK.

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons