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University Admissions Officers Say Students Are Not Being Prepared Enough for Higher Education

Posted by Richard Ward in

According to an annual admissions survey, students are not being prepared enough for the transition from secondary school to higher education.

In particular respondents agreed that students must be able to think and learn independently, with 62% of those that took part in the survey suggesting this is the single attribute most often missing in students. It's understood that this might be a consequence of exam systems being too narrowly focused on subject content alone.

The consensus amongst admissions officers is that students should have a secure understanding of the demands of their chosen course, with 98% of respondents suggesting it as being important or very important.

The admissions officers' views have come after an additional survey from Which? University found that nearly 30% of applicants wished they had chosen different A-level subjects. Moreover 40% of respondents wished they had thought more about what subjects might help them get into university.

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