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Alternative Paper Launched in Response to Government Plans

Posted by Richard Ward in

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

The Convention for Higher Education has released a new whitepaper in response to the government's official document published last month, which received mixed reviews from both experts and teachers.

The new paper was launched by a team of campaigners who have decided to collaborate in an effort to defend the UK higher education sector. In particular, they've accused the government of not having a vision of higher education and its benefits to students and to the society as a whole.

Campaigners have also expressed particular concerns over the government's apparent obsession with bringing in untried for-profit education providers into the UK university system, as well as a failure to defend the values of public higher education.

Elsewhere University College London, which has reportedly been a leading critic of the U.S system, which the government is looking to emulate, has pointed out that students in the U.S have lower graduation rates, overwhelming levels of debt and degrees of dubious value.

The alternative paper put forward calls for a system that delivers research to address social and scientific challenges and also defends academic freedoms.