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Unite Students Donates an Additional £5m to the Unite Foundation

Posted by Richard Ward in

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

Unite Students, which is the UK's largest purpose built student accommodation (PBSA) provider, has donated an additional £5m to the Unite Foundation.

The Unite Foundation helps to provide free student accommodation as well as generous annual scholarships to those that aspire to a degree but face the most challenging circumstances.

In particular, the foundation works directly with university partners to provide financial and practical support, which includes providing a safe, comfortable home, enabling scholars to take up their university place and achieve their best.

The latest donation is aimed at providing greater financial independence, whilst securing the long term future of the foundation.

To date there have been 118 students with a further 50 scholarship students benefiting from the scheme. The first four students graduated last year whilst it's expected a further 19 will complete their studies later this year.

The Foundation currently works with 10 of the UK's universities.