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Top University vice Chancellors Warn of Brexit Impact

Posted by Richard Ward in ,

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

Around 100 universities have written a letter to The Independent warning that the UK will lose its place as a global leader in science and innovation if voters decide to leave the European Union this week.

The vice chancellors of nearly all major higher education institutions said they are gravely concerned about the possible impact of a Brexit.

Included within the signatures are the heads of Oxford, Cambridge, Durham and Bristol and all the UK universities included in top 50 world rankings.

One of their arguments is that universities generate over £73 billion for the UK economy, with £3.7 billion being attributed to students coming from EU countries alone.

The vice chancellors also warned that a vote to leave the EU would create a difficult environment for the long-term investment in higher education and research, which is required for the UK to maintain its position as a globally competitive knowledge economy.